Kinesis Survey Technologies Joins FocusVision

Kinesis Joins FocusVision

Fresno, Calif. — January 19, 2015 — FocusVision, the global leader in market research technologies, today announced the acquisition of Kinesis Survey Technologies, now KinesisPanel™.

KinesisPanel is the premier online panel management platform through its device-responsive design, innovative automation tools, and advanced reporting capabilities.

The addition of KinesisPanel to FocusVision’s suite of quantitative and qualitative research solutions enhances the product options available to both FocusVision and KinesisPanel clients by providing a wider set of fully integrated market research tools with real-time data synchronization into a single panelist database.

“As qualitative and quantitative methodologies merge, online panels have become increasingly important to both research segments,” said Leslie Townsend, CEO and co-founder of KinesisPanel. “The ability to recruit, track, monitor, and reward panelists across a broad set of market research solutions is a highly compelling proposition that is currently lacking in the research industry. This acquisition sets the stage for the future of market research.”

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Posted on January 19, 2016 in News

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Reaghan Roche is the Marketing Manager for Kinesis Survey Technologies.
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