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Kinesis offers market research solutions for an advancing market

Kinesis Panel, Community and Survey products are designed so you can manage your research initiatives with confidence. Kinesis offers in-depth training and outstanding customer service which means you can be certain your team is able to utilize Kinesis to its fullest potential.

Powerful Online
Survey Software
Kinesis has innovated market research survey software to go beyond responsive survey design, and provide adaptive design for any device. Kinesis Survey is built for efficiency and speed. Combine unlimited scalability and seamless integration with Kinesis Panel, and you have the most comprehensive survey software available.

Complete Online
Survey Tools
Kinesis Survey supports complex research methods. You can design, deploy, and analyze quickly and easily, and for more complex surveys, you can be sure to have the necessary tools at your finger-tips. If you need any assistance, Kinesis offers world class services and support to see you through every step of the way.
Kinesis was the first company to capitalize upon the potential for mobile devices in market research. We continue to strive to bring continuity across all devices. Whether you’re programming a survey or building an online community, you can be certain Kinesis will provide the best user experience, no matter how it’s accessed.

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