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Online Panel Recruitment

Online Panel Management Profiling: Know Your Panelists

Utilize your existing background data and contacts to build an online panel, or build one from scratch. Ask about profiling using our online survey software, to automate both your panel management and survey fielding.

Advanced Sampling

Ease of use saves time

Implement best practices with the industry’s most intuitive, drag and drop query tool with state-of-the-art sampling capabilities. Instantly “poll” your panel and retrieve only those panelists who meet your specific project needs. Avoid invitations to respondents who will not qualify for your online research project. Establish business rules that optimize panel management performance. Deploy sample like a pro. Minimize your panelist churn, and increase panelist retention with advanced panel management functionality.

Online market research community

Online Market Research Communities

Engaging communities accessible on all devices

Engagement is the heart and soul of any panel. Kinesis Community is MROC software that offers minipolls, social media, real-time incentive redemptions and much more to keep members responsive, and on any device they choose. Let your members engage with one another, or engage them on topics that will keep them involved.

Panel Software with Real-Time Incentive Management

Integration to incentive partners

It’s all about rewards! Online market research panels would not exist without rewards, and Kinesis provides an array of real-time redemption options to keep your panelists active and engaged. Distinguish your panel by providing immediate thanks for the services that your panelists perform. Supports multiple redemption options with flexible redemption rules.

Incentive management

Metrics For Panel Management

Measure your Online panel performance

Retention. Churn. Recruitment sourcing. Payouts. Response rates. Understand them all and more through real-time reporting solutions from our panel management software.



Scales via the cloud to millions of panelists

Scales via the cloud. Few solutions offer the robust scalability to support sampling frameworks for literally hundreds of open projects. Scale your operations in size and in scope with the wide feature set available.


State of the art security

Our data centers adhere to the highest levels of certification, including HIPAA, SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70), and other standards.


To protect your growing panel asset select a responsive partner Kinesis!

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