Kinesis is committed to creating and maintaining strategic partnerships that foster innovation and new business opportunities for our valued clients.

A partial list of our Partners is provided below. Click on any of the logos to visit the Partner website, or for more information Contact us


 Federated Sample logo 


Federated Sample
Kinesis partners with Federated Sample to elevate market research panels by optimizing sample, improving workflow automation, and providing additional revenue options for panel assets. Federated Sample offers the market-leading online sample exchange, Fulcrum. Kinesis Panel™ users can access Fulcrum directly from the Kinesis Panel user interface to both buy and sell sample. Future integration will allow for utilization of customizable survey routing tools and collaboration on the release of the Fulcrum mobile routing solution. 


MarketSight logo 



Kinesis partners with MarketSight® to offer our clients expanded survey reporting and analysis capabilities. MarketSight provides intuitive solutions that enable users to create crosstabs, automatically run statistical significance tests, create powerful charts, view individual survey responses, and report results in a secure, web-based environment. The MarketSight integration augments the broad reporting capabilities that are native to Kinesis Survey™, and offers Kinesis clients additional options to analyze survey data and present findings. 


TrueSample logo  TrueSample
TrueSample is a patent-pending survey respondent validation solution combines identity verification, de-duplication and engagement modeling into one real-time application that removes fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples. Kinesis integrated TrueSample in order to provide additional respondent verification options to our clients that ensure high data integrity. 


OMI logo OMI
Online Market Intelligence (OMI) is the exclusive reseller partner of Kinesis solutions for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. OMI provides data collection and management services to market research firms, advertising agencies and enterprise clients from a variety of industries. OMI supports the Kinesis solution suite with a local presence in the region and Russian language support.