Kinesis Whitepapers & Case Studies

Keep up-to-date on emerging trends and best practices for online market research.


CASE STUDY: Making Market Research Millennial-Friendly

How one Millennial MR firm, Ypulse, is supporting it’s growing need for mobile and
video research while increasing engagement (HINT: There’s an app for that).

WHITEPAPER: Enterprise Panel Management Best Practices

Kinesis focuses on Enterprise Panels and offers some best practices to ensure
the health and prosperity for beginning and seasoned managers alike.

WHITEPAPER: Online Survey Statistics from the Mobile Future

Since 2008, Kinesis’ mobile statistics have provided a window to the future of market research.
With traffic breakouts by region and browser type. Updated with Q3 2013 Data

WHITEPAPER: Online Survey Platform Conversion

Anticipating the challenges associated with change is part of our ongoing teaching process.
The costs, as always, are in people, not software.

WHITEPAPER: Migrating Large Panels

Few companies are willing to share the challenges associated with migrating large online panels.
We are, and we do it well.

WHITEPAPER: Evolving Best Practices in Mobile Surveys

Adapting data collection practices to mobile devices is essential to the future of our industry.
Here are some helpful hints.

WHITEPAPER: Future Proofing Online Panels

Online panels are rapidly evolving. Utilizing apps, implementing behavioral data, and supporting
mobile respondents, companies must adapt their panels and panelist websites or be left behind.

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