Survox and Kinesis Launch Multi-Mode Solution to Increase Panel Participation

Survox for Kinesis PanelTM provides value to large panels through phone-based recruitment and data collection services.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and AUSTIN, TX (December 10, 2015) – Survox, the global leader in phone survey automation, and Kinesis Survey Technologies LLC (Kinesis), today announced the availability of Survox for Kinesis PanelTM, a multi-mode solution that allows panel managers to revitalize sample and collect data through both self-administered and interviewer-assisted phone-based sessions.

By contacting panelist via phone where email addresses are either not available or have bounced, valuable panel assets can be re-engaged and re-profiled, leading to enhanced recruitment and retention of high-stakes panelists.

Panel Recruit and Refresh

Survox for Kinesis PanelTM promotes proactive community management to keep panels vibrant and profiles up-to-date. Streamlining Kinesis PanelTM into call center workflows benefit panel managers by:

• Offering additional options for recruitment, up-to-date profiling, and re-engagement

• Providing a means of validating panelists, including contact information and street address, where needed

• Facilitating the use of phone-only lists to recruit and add new members to the panel

• Supporting RDD methodologies for panel recruitment.

This process offers the highest value to large panels such as those used for pharma research where the use of high-value incentives and the level of difficulty in recruiting physicians warrant the investment in phone-based recruitment.

“CATI recruitment is essential for pharma and other industries where high incentives are required. Not only does it open the door to another means of locating hard-to-reach panelists, but validation of the panelist’s identity and address are also confirmed,” said Kinesis CEO and co-founder Leslie Townsend. “Survox automates the calling process and Kinesis PanelTM powers the rest.”

Multi-Mode Data Collection

Kinesis PanelTM can now be imported into Survox for full multi-mode data collection utilizing web and phone methodologies. Researchers can author a single online survey, add a phone component at any time, and quickly analyze the responses all from one data set.

• The online survey can be authored in Kinesis SurveyTM and then used as the phone interview script.

• All response data, regardless of collection method, is collected by the Kinesis platform for streamlinedanalysis.

“We have streamlined the process to leverage one survey, across multiple channels, to create a single data set for analysis,” said Survox President and CEO Mary McDougall. “Now panels can recruit and monetize phone-only respondents to ensure representative results.”

About Kinesis Survey Technologies

Founded in June 2003, Kinesis Survey Technologies, LLC (Kinesis), is the established world leader for future-proof market research software. Through intelligent design and innovative automation tools, Kinesis provides the most comprehensive online panel management platform in the world. Kinesis’ state-of-the-art applications power the projects that are the lifeblood of market research by automating processes from project launch to sampling to reward distribution and everything in between. Kinesis PanelTM is a firmly established responsive platform, is fully scalable, customizable and seamlessly provides intuitive, touch-friendly experience across all devices. For more information, visit

About Survox

Survox® respondent targeting and phone data collection solutions empower decision makers using market research or public opinion polling to gain fast, accurate insights from a precise set of respondents. We provide a unified platform for respondent recruitment and multi-channel survey execution across a mix of modes – phone, online, and IVR – and vendor solutions. The Survox solution delivers real-time, operational control, which helps researchers complete projects quickly and cost effectively. For more information, visit

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Reaghan Roche is the Marketing Manager for Kinesis Survey Technologies.
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