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Good SMS Manners for Market Research

As mobile market research continues to expand, there are increasingly more options available for communicating with online research participants: email, SMS, in-app messaging, location-triggers, QR codes, social media, and others. The selection of which method(s) to utilize is of course dependent on the type of studies being conducted, and the target audiences required.  While email…

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SoLoMo in market research: Video Interview

See Kinesis President Leslie Townsend interviewed about the utilization of SoLoMo in market research for the Research Business Daily Report: Read Leslie’s original Blog on SoLoMo in Market Research.

Unresolved Issues in Location-Based Market Research

The intersection of mobile and geolocation technologies offers tremendous potential for the market research industry. The ability to deliver survey invitations based on the targeted respondents’ physical location, and then obtain their feedback in the moment, will provide a level of data accuracy never before possible. It means less reliance on recall and more real-time…

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Broken Survey Methodologies

Obviously, from our most recent blogs, the CASRO Tech conference provided a wealth of new data on mobile survey traffic. Survey participation from mobile devices is now growing at what many deem an “alarming” rate, and the information that was revealed throughout the conference was very compelling. At a session co-presented by Federated Sample and…

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Unintentional Mobile Respondents

Kudos to Gregg Peterson of Market Strategies International for his presentation at the CASRO Technology Conference on unintentional mobile respondents.  This term refers to the respondents who are “creeping” into web surveys using smartphones and tablets, when we as an industry do not intend for them to use these devices for survey participation. Market Strategies…

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No Mobile Strategy = A Big Problem

Those who have been reading this blog with any regularity know that we at Kinesis have been arguing, for nearly a decade now, that the market research industry must shift its online survey processes to support mobile respondents. Surveys must enable respondents to participate from any common web device of their choosing – be it…

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Mobile Research Apps are a Waning Phenomena

Last summer Kinesis offered up our Top 10 Predictions as to how mobile technology will significantly transform market research over the next few years. Included on the list was a prediction that mobile research “apps will be a mostly transitional phenomena in the industry.” This prediction likely did not sit well with the market research…

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The Rise of the Tablet for Market Research

When Apple first announced the iPad two years ago this month, it was received with very mixed reviews among the technology gurus and press. While some immediately saw its value, many others predicted that it would fail. Leading tech reporters deemed the iPad “disappointing,” and its utility as “awfully thin.” Fast forward to now, and…

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Mobile – Better and Cheaper Data Collection?

To date, sampling costs for mobile respondents have been higher than those for traditional web respondents. This reality has left many market researchers hesitant to recommend mobile (or mixed-mode) survey projects to their clients. It is true that mobile research methods can be more expensive during initial implementations, but this is primarily because mobile is…

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The Future of Flash Technology in Market Research

Earlier this month Adobe – creator of Flash technology – announced that it will no longer develop out Flash for smartphone and tablet devices and will only continue providing security updates and patches. When it comes to mobile support, Adobe is instead getting on the HTML5 bandwagon with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RIM. Regardless of…

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