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The Rise and Fall of Mobile Surveys: Where Are We Now?

Not that long ago, there was a big question mark looming over the effectiveness of mobile surveys and respondents’ willingness to take surveys on mobile devices. At the time, most people felt the experience – due to small mobile screens – would be poor and respondents would reject the idea of taking mobile surveys. Were…

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No Mobile Strategy = A Big Problem

Those who have been reading this blog with any regularity know that we at Kinesis have been arguing, for nearly a decade now, that the market research industry must shift its online survey processes to support mobile respondents. Surveys must enable respondents to participate from any common web device of their choosing – be it…

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MRMW Community Survey Results

The Market Research in the Mobile World conference took place in Amsterdam last week; it was an agenda-packed and insightful event that solidified the industry’s commitment to expanding both the opportunities and the capabilities of mobile market research on a global scale. Kinesis’ Leslie Townsend and Tariq Mirza delivered a session “Glocalizing” Mobile Research in…

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MR Industry Insights from Kinesis’ President

OnlineMR recently conducted an interview with Kinesis President Leslie Townsend. She offers up a valuable perspective on the current state of the market research industry, and also shares some history about Kinesis. “We believed back then – which has certainly proven true since – that mobile technology would become vital within the MR industry for…

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Reaching Millennial Respondents

Right now the 18-34 year old demographic that is so coveted among advertisers is almost exclusively comprised of people who are part of the Millennial generation. Millennials (also called Generation Y) are a highly influential group of consumers and as such market researchers seek their feedback on virtually every kind of brand, product and concept. …

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SoLoMo and Geo-Loco

SoLoMo is the new acronym on the block, according to the presenters at last week’s Geo-Loco Conference held in San Francisco. Executives from Google, Facebook, and Starbucks were among those who discussed the convergence of the Social, Local and Mobile platforms and how the marketplace is being transformed through this synergy.  Many of the sessions…

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The Art of Mobile Survey Invitations

There are many resources available, including several from Kinesis, that detail best practices for mobile surveys. Harder to find are best practice recommendations specific to mobile survey invitations; while there are actually numerous invitation options to consider, little information is available to the MR industry as to which are most effective for any given mobile…

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Move Over SMS, Make Room for the QR Code

Earlier this year Kinesis unveiled QR code support for Kinesis Survey™ so that clients could automatically generate a QR code for any mobile or multimode survey. Just last month we introduced the most advanced MROC portal, Kinesis Community™, which also can utilize QR codes as a means to drive recruitment of new panelists. While QR…

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Counterpoint: Mobile Is Much More Than Hype

The Survey Geek recently posted a highly sarcastic (and highly entertaining) blog entitled How to write a mobile research pitch piece. It labels mobile research as largely “hype,” questions the significance and usefulness of mobile as a data collection platform, and postulates that most researchers who pitch mobile to their clients lack proof of its…

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Video: Kinesis Mobile Survey Demo

Watch this video to learn about Kinesis Survey‘s extensive mobile survey capabilities and see cutting-edge mobile survey demo in action. Video by Raven Productions.

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