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Why Research Communities Must Go Mobile

The concept and goals of market research panels are evolving due to the availability of expanding online technologies, and how these technologies aid in panelist recruitment, engagement and retention. Dynamic functionality is now often required in order to keep panelists regularly participating in various research initiatives, and in recent years the panel research community has…

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MRMW Community Survey Results

The Market Research in the Mobile World conference took place in Amsterdam last week; it was an agenda-packed and insightful event that solidified the industry’s commitment to expanding both the opportunities and the capabilities of mobile market research on a global scale. Kinesis’ Leslie Townsend and Tariq Mirza delivered a session “Glocalizing” Mobile Research in…

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Online Research Communities Take the Main Stage

Today is the Main Stage segment of the second annual NewMR Virtual Festival, and many highly insightful sessions on various market research topics have occurred thus far. Since Kinesis recently introduced our new multi-mode online community solution, the presentations on this topic were of particular interest to us, and these sessions did not disappoint. Due…

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Is Self-Management Right for Your Panel?

With tight budgets and shrinking revenues in the face of a weak economy, more market research firms and brands are electing to bring management of their panels in-house. Self-management can offer greater control over the panel’s processes, features and usage, and provide a means to monetize other assets, such as website visitors. The problem is…

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The Fastest Way to Kill Your MROC

Launching and sustaining a thriving market research online community (MROC) website is a critical component of panel-based research, yet doing so can be a significant challenge even in the best of circumstances. With the vast number of websites and social media tools competing for panelists’ online time, researchers need to ensure that our MROCs offer…

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Move Over SMS, Make Room for the QR Code

Earlier this year Kinesis unveiled QR code support for Kinesis Survey™ so that clients could automatically generate a QR code for any mobile or multimode survey. Just last month we introduced the most advanced MROC portal, Kinesis Community™, which also can utilize QR codes as a means to drive recruitment of new panelists. While QR…

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Video: Kinesis Mobile Survey Demo

Watch this video to learn about Kinesis Survey‘s extensive mobile survey capabilities and see cutting-edge mobile survey demo in action. Video by Raven Productions.

The Well-Balanced Portal Website

You have probably seen one of the Esurance commercials with this tagline: “Technology when you need it. People when you don’t™.” This line does a good job of communicating what today’s consumers want out of customer service. Sometimes we want the speed and anonymity that technology provides us – no human interaction needed or desired.…

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The Essential Considerations for Implementing Mobile Panels

In our previous blog, Kinesis detailed the essential considerations for mobile survey design. The development of effective, engaging and succinct mobile surveys is crucial as the industry moves to adopt mobile research, and hopefully you found our best practices recommendations useful. Now let’s turn the attention to implementing mobile panels – an equally critical factor…

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Privacy – The Moving Target in Social Media

The growth of social media has dramatically changed the way people share personal information with each other. Social networking websites allow individuals to provide a wealth of data about themselves, from basic demographic facts to highly personal information and images. These sites also offer their members/users a platform to express opinions on activities, events, brands…

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